Posted 6/8/2020

From mid-March to mid-May 2020, with the pandemic scare closing all but essential businesses, this country saw a transformation that rivaled the long-haired hippie days of the ‘60’s. Former buzz cuts started to get curly. High-n-tights turned into Loosie Goosies. Modified mullets became, well, mullets. 

Television news mirrored this phenomenon, with men sporting pompadours and comb-overs, ...

...while women fought to maintain their signature style and color without the aid of their favorite hairdresser. Some home-styles fared better than others. A sleek #1 buzz loses its appeal when nicks and bandaids show up. Men, just because your marriage vows say “for better or worse” doesn’t mean your wife is required, or qualified, to cut your hair.

Then came that glorious day when barbershops and hair salons could open, with multiple restrictions. The Barber Den Boys were welcomed at the door by no less than 25 social-distanced customers, clapping and waving them in.  With eight or more weeks of shaggy hair growth in front of them, the barbers knew they were in for a challenging day!

Little did they know, however, the volume of customers, old and new, who would stream in and out of the shop over the next two weeks. It was like the Christmas and Easter rush all rolled into one. After Day 1’s chaos of barbers cutting hair, answering the phone and taking names/numbers of next in line, Phil’s wife, Sarah, came in the 2nd day to help out as the receptionist. Wow! What a difference that made. Ultimately, Phil would hire on his cousin, Zach, as receptionist, thus extending the barber family one more generation.

Most overwhelming was the support and generosity of The Barber Den clientele. Some tipped more than the haircut, others made shop donations and nearly all were willing to wait sometimes hours to get their hair cut. The barbers were humbled by this outpouring of support.

Weeks 3 and 4 have been somewhat slower than “usual”, given so many customers came through already. We expect another rush by Week 6, and then volume and wait times should get back to normal. Thanks to all our customers, friends and family who saw us through these past three months of unusual circumstances.