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The Barber Den's New Website

Posted 5/8/2014

Things are always changing at The Barber Den. Over the years, hairstyles have changed. Some of the barbers have changed. Even the floor tiles were recently changed. Now we've revamped our website to provide 

more useful information about the shop and barbering in general. For instance, the shop now has free wifi, so you can keep up with email or apps on your tablet or smartphone while you wait. We are expanding our hours, as well. Beginning June 2nd, the shop will break with an old barbering tradition and now open on Monday's! [Edited - as of 9/1/14, The Barber Den will no longer be open Mondays, due to staffing changes.] Later in the year, we have plans for evening hours, as well. And it is rumored that the barbers are thinking about incorporating credit card capability. That's just a rumor, mind you. Don't hold your breath! (As of 10/3/2014 now accepting MasterCard, Visa and Discover!)


One thing is for sure - we will never change our Old School barbering methods. You can count on our dependable service, the comfortable atmosphere of The Barber Den, and the intregity of our barbers. Come check out The Barber Den, located at Broadway and Ridge Road, in Littleton, Colorado.