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Barbers vs. Cosmetologists

Posted 6/16/2014

A lot of people think that the biggest difference between a barbershop and a hair salon is that barbershops cut men’s hair and salons cut women’s hair. Pretty simplistic thinking, and not quite true. Hair salons, sometimes

called Beauty Parlors, specialize in pampering customers with cuts, styles, perms, hair color, nails and waxing. They aren’t exclusively for women, but the ambiance is certainly more geared to the female customer. Barbershops, on the other hand, cater mostly to men, providing haircuts, styles and shaves in a setting more conducive to a man’s liking.

With the advent of unisex salons came a mix of services available to women and men. A man can get a decent high and tight or taper, as long as he doesn’t mind the smell of perm solution wafting about or lively discussions about kids, boyfriends and Lady GaGa. The real difference, though, has to do with the schooling your stylist received.


Barber Training

A Master Barber completes a 9 to 12 month course of study that includes basic short cuts and styles such as trims, tapers, high and tights, crew cuts and flat tops. A barber in training also learns skin and scalp care and is skilled in straight and safety razor shaves. A license is given after successfully completing a two-stage barber board exam. 

Cosmetology Training

Students attending cosmetology school receive more instruction in various hair and style techniques for long or short hair as well as beauty treatments for hair, skin and nails such as hair care procedures, manicures and makeup. Schooling lasts 9-24 months, depending on specialty and certification testing is required upon completion.

So while both a barber and a stylist can give a decent haircut at a decent price, sometimes the setting does make the difference. At The Barber Den, you won’t get a perm or manicure, but you will get great barbershop service. We have three chairs going most of the time, manned by barbers who have made it their business to make you look good! Stop in and check out haircutting the way it used to be!