Getting the Cut You Want

Posted 8/19/2014

Hot summer days send guys running to their barber for something cooler, shorter and off the ears. The cut you have in mind might not be what you get, if you aren’t able to communicate your wishes correctly. “A little off the top and sides” might mean a ¼” touch-up to the barber, while you were expecting something much shorter. If using shears, your barber will measure with his or her fingers at one to two inch lengths. This gives you a good overall blend.


If your hair is cut with clippers, knowing your preferred guide number takes a lot of guesswork out of the cut.  A #1 on the sides and a #3 on top is a pretty standard high and tight. Go with a #1 on the sides to a finger cut on top, and you’ll have a modified Marine similar to Jethro Gibbs’ cut on NCIS.


Throughout the cut, your barber will check with you if it is how you want it. This is your opportunity to tell him if you’d like it blended more, thinned, cut a little shorter or the sideburns trimmed. It’s our goal to send you out the door with the cut you want. Remember, though, we can’t cut it longer!