Holidays at the Barber Den

Posted 11/28/2020

The Barber Den has been a part of my life since I was born. I remember being so excited for school closures and all the fun activities and family gatherings between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Dad, on the other hand, would come home from the shop dragging butt and falling asleep in his recliner. 

Christmas 1987Christmas 1987Those were extremely busy times for him and Uncle Den, who owned the shop at the time. “A Happy Problem”, a friend of ours would say. Guys wanted trimmed up and spiffed up for the seasonal parties and pictures, and the Barber Den was there to do the job!


Many times, customers would just hang out at the shop for hours while their wives were off shopping. They’d bring along homemade treats for the barbers and spend a few hours of camaraderie in the Den. Depending on the day, there might be a college game, “General Hospital” or “Dallas” reruns on the tv in the corner while guys would tell tales of war and peace, quarterbacks and coaches, and “how about those Broncos?”


Nothing says Christmas like a Bonzai!Nothing says Christmas like a Bonzai!

Today we have sports memorabilia of passes and plays, wins and losses. There is a Veteran’s wall commemorating the many who served, fought, and died for this country’s freedom. Two of the Barber Boys are veterans themselves. Sirius XM streams whatever music seems to be the mood of the day, from country to blues to the American Songbook. For nostalgia, we even have a turntable playing 78’s on occasion. Since pandemic restrictions, the ambiance has changed significantly, which has somewhat affected foot traffic in the shop. Many of our customers work from home now, and fancy office parties are off the calendar. Come as you are Zoom pics have replaced family portraits.


With limits on the number of people in the shop, there is more one-on-one attention to each customer, which is great! We appreciate each and every customer who masks up and makes it to our shop. Some days have 3 barbers, other days 2. The schedule gives us more family time, although it pinches the pocket on payday.

Even the Grinch wouldn't take this tree.Even the Grinch wouldn't take this tree.Given this “Christmas Carol” theme, what do we see for the holiday season in the future? Oddly enough, we believe this next year at the shop will see some exciting changes. As soon as Covid restrictions are lifted, our doors will be open again to one and all for cuts and shaves. We’ve received feedback that some customers would like to make appointments, while others still prefer a spontaneous walk-in cut. We hope to accommodate that while providing the personal and professional attention The Barber Den is known for. Let us know what you’d like to see from your old school neighborhood barbershop.Phil, Jan, Shawn and DougPhil, Jan, Shawn and Doug