How Often Do Men Get Their Hair Cut?

Posted 5/19/2014

You would think the answers to this question would be as varied as men themselves. On average, though, most men come in for...

...a cut or trim every four to six weeks. What I’ve noticed from the clientele at my shop is that there are three main reasons men get their hair cut:

  1. A professional look – Whether dictated by the workplace or personal preference, men who like tapers, high and tights and other precision cuts tend to visit the shop about once every three weeks to keep up their sharp appearance. In contrast, men who prefer a buzz or shaved look might not visit a barbershop more than once every few months, since they generally take care of ongoing maintenance themselves (not that we’d recommend that). Their visits to the shop are more for camaraderie than necessity.
  2. Holiday/picture requirements - The week or two before holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter are extremely busy at the shop. Men sometimes blame it on the spouse or significant other, but they break with their routine visits to get spiffed up before a holiday party or family picture opportunity.
  3. Weather forecast – If the news happens to report an impending winter storm or blizzard in the forecast, we find those to be very slow days at the shop. Most guys will wait for a nicer day to stop in for a visit. Right now, the summer heat is already beginning to moisten the back of the neck, so we expect our clientele to be flocking in for a summer buzz or other short cut soon.

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