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A New and Exciting Era for The Den!

Posted 7/16/2018

For those who know the history of The Barber Den, you know it has been in the Walters/MacLean family for over 40 years. Today marks the third generation of Barber Den owners, as Doug passes the “clippers” to his son Phil and Phil’s wife Sarah. Phil has been managing the shop for the past year and has seamlessly retained the dynamic of the Den, while integrating his own style.

Signing over ownership. Thanks Paul Lang and 1stBank, for making everything official.Signing over ownership. Thanks Paul Lang and 1stBank, for making everything official.


With new ownership, what changes are on the horizon? Phil says, “Basically, it is a perfect barber shop…it just needs a coat of paint. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Cosmetics aside, customers can expect that Phil, Jan, Richard, Doug and Den will provide the same quality service and old school treatment that The Den has offered for many years.