Now Open Mondays!

Posted 6/2/2014

[Edited - as of 9/1/14, The Barber Den is once again closed on Mondays, due to staffing changes.] Today we break with barber tradition and for the first time ever, the Barber Den will be open for business on Mondays (excluding holidays). Opening the shop on Mondays gives our five barbers the flexibility of rotating shifts (see each barber’s schedule in the About Us section) and allows our customers more convenience with getting their hair cut.

Why ARE barbershops closed on Mondays?

There is much speculation on why, traditionally, barbershops are closed on Mondays, but for the most part, it came about due to simple logic. Most businesses were closed on Sundays for religious and family observances. Having a barbershop open on Saturday accommodated men who would be working during the week and unable to get their hair cut or their beard trimmed during weekday hours. In order to have two consecutive days off, shops instead closed on Mondays. It is likely this was standardized when barbershops became part of the union in the late 1880’s, and for many shops, that tradition continues even without union rules.

We now live in an age of instant gratification, where you can easily get an oil change, purchase some tools and get your hair cut all in one stop. Most businesses have extended hours, and with the popularity of online shopping, we are in the fast lane of the 24/7 highway of consumerism. There’s still no way to get your hair cut online, but if you’ve fallen victim to some of the do-it-yourself clippers or hair cutting gizmos that are advertised, we will repair the damage and get you looking good again. Just stop by the Barber Den Monday through Saturday, and let our barbers give you a quality, old school cut!