If you participated in our No Shave November campaign and are looking a little shabby right now, get yourself down to The Den during the month of December, and we will not only give you a great shave but 10% of the cost of your shave will be donated to the No-Shave November non-profit, which raises funds for cancer research and treatment. If you (or those around you) didn't care for a month without a good, clean shave, you can still help out by making a donation to No Shave November. Click Here to join The Barber Den Team!


It's No-Shave November

Posted 11/7/2015

Many of you have heard of No-Shave November, but did you know how it started? The Today Show is a proud supporter of the cause, and this video from their site profiles one of the families who paid tribute to their father by starting the non-profit to bring awareness for men’s health and raising funds for cancer research.

Phil at The Barber Den puts out a cool, clean shave or beard trim, and for those who just can’t manage a month without a shave, he’s open for business and ready to give you a shave and hot towel treatment you’ll not soon forget.

Phil's BeardPhil's BeardBut Phil is also a beard aficionado, so he can give you tips for conquering the 5-day itch, the 10-day scruffiness and the 30-day “my friends think I’m crazy” phase. Call or stop by, and he’ll take your No-Shave November experience to a whole new level.

And because you saw it through and supported the cause, The Barber Den will donate 10% of all facial shaves given during the month of December to The Cancer Society. It’s our way of supporting the cause while also cleaning up your look for those holiday pictures and parties. Don’t expect Phil to get rid of his masterpiece, although it has been known to happen.