We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day. Our hours will be 9:00 - 1:00 on Friday, November 26, and regular hours on Saturday, November 27.

There are going to be some changes around here...

Posted 6/18/2017

These were words that first struck fear in the lives of Doug’s sons, and then later became a source of eye-rolling and cajoling. The reason for changes might have been too much clutter around the house, chores not being done, chaotic schedules or unattended homework. Doug would take it as long as he could, and then most likely at the dinner table, these infamous words would ring out…

”There are going to be some changes around here…”


And now with nearly 43 years of barbering under his belt, Doug once again is seeking changes. He is cutting back his days to Friday and Saturday only. Phil has taken on management of the shop and has brought a great new guy on board the Barber Den Express. (See Richard Arnold’s bio in About Us.) Jan will now be off on Saturdays which works great for his hectic side interests. Denny won’t be filling in as often but will still be on tap now and then when needed. All in all, the change will be great for all the barbers.


The shop continues to bring in new customers while still serving long time families of fathers, sons and grandsons. “Remember when’s…” of pictures, plaques and memorabilia cover the walls as The Barber Den’s legacy expands.  If you’re not already a customer, drop in and get a feel for the way this family-run business operates. We think you’ll find getting your hair cut isn’t just grooming, it can be a life-changing experience!