To Shave or Not to Shave

Posted 12/13/2014

Hey guys, Phil from The Den here. These days it's common for guys to grow big full beards. A lot of times though, because of work or personal reasons, they need to shave those beards down. Before you go and completely shave off the beast you have grown to love, have some fun with it first. I just recently shaved off my beard. Over the course of a three-week time, tho, I did a lot of different fun beard styles. I started by shaving just my chin area down to a half of an inch (a number 2 in barber terms). This left me with...

what I like to call Killa Chops. After a weekend of lots of attention (both good and bad depending on who I encountered in that time), I took the full beard down to that number 2. This was more of a clean looking beard that I kept for a week. 


While your beard is at this length, you can do a lot more fun things with it. For example:

The Hetfield handle bars:  






The Tony Stark 

The Neck Strap







After that clean number 2 look, I went to the stache. When you are close to needing your facial hair completely gone, shave it all down except for the mustache. Here you can try:

 The Doc Holiday










The Johnny Depp










or just the classic stache.  







We all hate to see our beards go, but there's always a way to make its demise a good one. When you’re ready for it to go fully, treat yourself to a true barber shave at The Barber Den.  You won't regret it.