Barber Trivia

According to the National Association of Barber Boards, the barbering profession began over 6000 years ago, with "barber-surgeons" who cut hair, trimmed beards, pulled teeth, administered medicinal herbs and performed surgery by blood-letting. Today's barbers no longer keep jars of leeches handy, and medicinal herbs are not sold in our shop, but you can be sure The Barber Den is a full-service hair-cutting establishment. (Pulling teeth extra!)



History of The Barber Den

The Barber Den actually began as Broadridge Barbers in 1963, and in 1972 Dennis Walters took over ownership, bringing on board his brother-in-law Doug MacLean. When the location moved to the north side of the shopping center, the new name - The Barber Den - was coined, and so its reputation began as a comfortable place for men to gather for a haircut, some conversation and an occasional joke or two.

Dennis semi-retired in 2008 and sold the shop to Doug. Since then, Doug has added a third chair and brought in several other barbers, including his oldest son, Phil. In 2018, Phil became the new owner! This family business is still going strong, and the barbers work hard to put out a good cut while making you feel like a part of the family.


Meet the Barbers

Owner, Phil MacLeanOwner, Phil MacLeanOwner Phil MacLean gave up his late night career as a bartender to follow in his dad's footsteps as a barber. He is a 2014 graduate of Emily Griffith Barber College, and his expertise in old style straight razor facial shaves has been a great addition to the shop. Phil bought the shop in 2018, and if not cutting hair, he spends much of his time creating  and obsessing over his many projects, such as WarWolf Projects and set design. 






Jan WestbackJan WestbackJan is a native of Aurora, Colorado. He served in the US Navy for 13 years. His formal training in hair cutting came from school in Grand Junction. In his off time, he plays a mean harmonica in the Fat Chance Blues Band. He's been a great addition to The Barber Den since February 2013.








Shawn BralyShawn BralyShawn was born and raised in Sacramento, California, moving to Colorado in 2002. He and Phil have been friends for years and work together on WarWolf Projects. He served as a Marine radio operator for four years and was deployed to Afghanistan twice before joining Homeland Security. In 2019, he left his private security position there to attend barber school at Emily Griffith. He's a first-time dad, an avid hunter and fisherman.






Doug MacLeanDoug MacLean

Doug grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota and came to the Denver area with his family in 1971, attending Littleton High School. At his brother-in-law, Den's suggestion, he went to Colorado Barber College in 1974, and began working at The Barber Den.  Doug owned the shop from 2008 to 2018, selling it to his son Phil. He still works a couple of days a week, usually Friday and Saturday. He's an avid Bronco, Indy and NASCAR fan. 






3 Generations at The Barber Den
Phil MacLean, Dennis Walters, Doug MacLean

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